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Volvo/Renault/UD/Mack Heavy Duty Diagnostics & Service Info Kit - Vocom 88890300 Interface & Laptop With Latest Tech Tool -Impact - Prosis - Complete Kit 2018

  • $2,700.00

Volvo/Renault/UD/Mack Heavy Duty Diagnostics & Service Info Kit - Vocom 88890300 Interface & Laptop With Latest Tech Tool -Impact - Prosis - Complete Kit 2018

Included Software Pre Installed :

  • Latest Volvo PTT 2.5.87 Pre Installed On CF-53 Laptop !
         2018 APCI+ Update ! Include All Devtools !
  • Volvo PROSIS Parts Catalog & Repair Manuals 2018 -EPC & Service               Information 2018 -NEW NEW !
  • Volvo Impact 2018 Trucks & Bus EPC - Spare Parts Catalog & Service             Information System-Latest Version !
  • Include Worldwide DHL Express Shipping !!

    Vocom Data Link Adapter With Laptop Kit - Interface for Volvo/Renault/UD/Mack Diagnostic Tool Scanner Full Set ! 

    The Best Tool Version Available  :
    1. The Best Quality Vocom That Support Windows 7 32 & 64 Bit !
    2. The Only Kit That Include 9 Pin Adapter For USA VOLVO Models !
    3. Include refurbished Laptop With Pre installed Latest Volvo Premium Tech Software - 2018 Apci+ Update !!

    88890300 Vocom Interface is a diagnostics application that covers the whole repair process through the use of plug-ins. 
    With 88890300 Vocom Interface you can diagnose, test, calibrate, and program a product.
    A product could be a vehicle, engine, or a machine. 
    88890300 Vocom Interface also provide functions for updating the tool, communication with the product, and other external applications. 
    The set of plug-ins, user authorizations, and available languages is adjustable to provide every user with what they need.


    The basic workflow in Tech Tool is the same for all products:

    • Identify a product.
    • View information history.
    • Diagnose a selected product.
    • Test a selected product.
    • Program a selected product.
    • Calibrate a selected product.


    88890300 Vocom Interface Supported Companies and Electrical Systems:

    • Volvo Trucks (Older el. system, Vehicle el. '98, VERSION2, VERSION3);
       • Volvo Trucks (VERSION4 - FH4/FM4);
       • Volvo Buses (Conventional, Multiplexed, Multiplexed v2, Multiplexed v3);
       • Volvo Construction Equipment;
       • Volvo Penta (VERSION2);
       • Volvo OEM Component Customer (VERSION2, VERSION3);
       • Mack Trucks (V-MAC I/II/III, ITC, IV, IV+);
       • Renault Trucks (VERSION2, VERSION3, VERSION4);
       • UD Trucks (VERSION2, VERSION3).


    Package list:   

    1) refurbished CF-53 Laptop With Pre Installed Latest Volvo Premium Tech Tool 
    2) 88890304  OBD Cable
    3) 88890306  FCI/8 PIN Cable
    4) 88890302 9 Pin Cable - VOLVO USA ONLY 
    5) 9993832 14 pin diagnostic cable
    6) 12 pin Cable for Renault trucks
    7) Vocom 88890300 interface
    8) 88890305  USB Cable


    Include :

    Volvo Premium Tech Tool 2.5.87 DEVELOPMENT With Apci+ Update Latest OFFICIAL version This Version Covers All Truck Models , 
    New & Old And Provide visfeed for truck ECU reprogramming

    Online installation for TT 2.5.87 with last acpi + online update 01.2018. Work FH4/FM4.
     DEVELOPMENT mode.

    Software included:
    1. Dev2tool (for programming parameters version 2 – older trucks)
    2. Developer tool Plus(Acpi+) (for programming parameters version 3 and 4 – newer trucks)

    Volvo PTT software work for next vehicles:
    • Volvo Trucks (Older electrical system, Vehicle electrical system '98);
    • Volvo Buses (Conventional, Multiplexed, Multiplexed v2, Multiplexed v3);
    • Volvo Penta (VERSION2, VERSION3);
    • Volvo OEM Component Customer (VERSION2, VERSION3);

     Premium Tech Tool (PTT) support these models :

    Volvo Trucks Older electrical system

    Volvo Trucks Vehicle electronics '98

    Volvo Trucks VERSION2

    Volvo Trucks VERSION3

    Volvo Trucks VERSION4

    Volvo Buses Conventional

    Volvo Buses Multiplexed

    Volvo Buses Multiplexed version 2

    Volvo Buses Multiplexed version 3

    Volvo Penta

    Mack V-MAC I/II/III, ITC

    Mack V-MAC IV

    Mack VMAC IV+

    Renault Version2 ACCESS

    Renault Version2 CAESAR

    Renault Version2 COMPRT

    Renault Version2 EXTRT

    Renault Version2 HYBRYS

    Renault Version2 KERAX

    Renault Version2 KERAXMIL

    Renault Version2 MAGNUM

    Renault Version2 MIDLUM

    Renault Version2 PREMIUM

    Renault Version2 SHERPAL

    Renault Version2 SHERPAM

    Renault Version2 VAB

    Renault Version2 VBCI

    Renault Version2 VLRA

    UD Trucks Version2 UD-HD

    UD Trucks Version2 UD-MD



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